Socially Responsible Hosting That Helps Protect & Restore The World Every Month

The internet has been estimated to produce approximately the same amount of CO² as the entire airline industry. Ethical Hosting offers a solution to not only negate your websites carbon footprint, but to reverse it.

Ethical Hosting

For Every Site Hosted, Each Month We ...

Offset 360% CO² In New Zealand

Measuring carbon emissions for data transfer is not an exact science, there are just too many variables. However, there are some accepted base lines, so we want to be extra sure and do more than just be neutral.

That is why we partnered with to offset 360% of our estimated carbon footprint (for the office, servers, energy used for data-transfer, and for the energy used by the end users device). Offsets are created through NZ based tree planting programs.

Plant A Tree In Africa

Each month someone is a client of one of our monthly services, we have a fruit tree planted in Africa on their behalf. This tree helps offset an additional 320kg of CO² over its life, as well as providing food and income for rural farmers.

We do this, in addition to the certified carbon offsets, simply because it gives an extremely high social return relative to its low cost (thanks to 

1 tree planted

Protect 1000m² Of Rainforest

With greedy corporations cutting down approximately 150 acres of rainforest every minute of every day, threatening thousands of species, we wanted to help.

That is why we also support in protecting 1000m² every month for each client. This way, when you use our services, you can feel good knowing you are not just increasing your business, but you are also helping take care of our planet.

Forest Protected

More Than Just Helping The Environment ...

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